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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on November 23, 2020 | Last Updated: November 27, 2020 Christmas Holiay Gifts Holiday Decor Holiday Flowers Holidays

πŸŽ„ Our Holiday Guide to Gifts, Decor, Flowers, & More! πŸŽ„

The holidays are almost here and we could not be more excited! Here at Nashville’s best florist, Rose Hill Florist, we love the holiday season! The bright decorations, the songs, the delightful aromas in the air….it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. More importantly, though, we love how the spirit of the holidays makes everyone feel just a little bit closer to one another and this helps spread holiday cheer. To get you in the holiday spirit, we collected all of our best holiday blogs for you here. Discover gorgeous wintertime florals, inspired gift ideas, and holiday decor tips. From the Rose Hill Flowers family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Holiday Decorating for a Nashville Christmas

There is no other time of the year like the Christmas holidays! We love all of the beautiful holiday decorating that transforms our streets, offices,and homes into a winter wonderland.

Charming Local Gifts from Our Holiday Guide

Packed with our most sensational seasonal blooms and vivid greens, this year’s crop of designs are inspired by the rich hues and textures of the holidays, but they can also evoke a serene walk in the snowy woods.

5 Winter Plants to Brighten Gray Days

With shorter days and cooler weather, it’s easy to feel dreary on dark winter days. At Rose Hill Flowers, we encourage everyone in Nashville to brighten up the gray of winter with the vibrant colors of both blooming and non-blooming winter plants.

Special Secret Santa Gifts

If you’re participating in Secret Santa this year, lucky you. This group gift swap has a long and storied past; in the U.S., it was inspired by a 20th century philanthropist who generously distributed $100 to strangers in a Kansas City street.

New Year’s Flowers, Decor and Resolutions

With Christmas behind us, there is one major holiday still to celebrate, and it is a big one! New Year’s Eve represents many things to many people. Some are inspired to look back in nostalgia, while others are more apt to look forward with excitement.

Giving Flowers for Secret Santa

It’s almost time to give your Secret Santa gift, and you can’t figure out what to give. You’ve browsed the aisles of all the big stores, wandered through the malls – and still, nothing seems quite right to make someone’s holiday merry.

Custom Handcrafted Holiday Wreaths

The holiday wreath is a classic piece of seasonal decor. Whether used to decorate your front door or your fireplace, the beauty and aromatic fragrance of evergreen combine to deliver the sights and sounds of the season.

Decorating Your Home with Flowers this Hanukkah

A festival of lights which lasts eight days, Hanukkah celebrates light, purity, and spirituality. The eight days of festivity involve the lighting of the menorah, special foods such as latkes, cheese, and donuts, and traditional games and gifts like dreidel and gilt.