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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on November 4, 2014 Veteran's Day

Flower Ideas for Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day is a patriotic holiday that honors those who served in the Armed Forces. It is observed on November 11 and coincides with similar holidays around the world held to mark the end of World War I; Armistice Day and Remembrance Day are two examples. Veterans Day and Memorial Day are different in that Veterans Day honors all U.S. veterans, whereas Memorial Day is specifically in memory of soldiers who died during their service.

If you know or are related to a veteran, sending flowers is one of the most poignant and heartfelt ways to honor their service. Just about any flower in red, white or blue can be ideal for Veterans Day, but some blooms lend themselves to these colors more than others:

Roses and carnations. Bright red flowers are one way to make an impact on Veterans Day, and red roses and carnations are great ways to display this bold, impactful color. Red conveys bravery, passion and a fighting spirit; if this fits your veteran, send them a big salute with a bouquet of red flowers for an impactful Veterans Day gift.

The majestic lily. Stargazer and calla lilies can show appreciation as well as sympathy. Lilies are an impactful flower that can show the depth of your gratitude when honoring a loved one with the gift of flowers. White lilies in particular beam with courage and pride, emulating the white stars and stripes of Old Glory. Lilies also embody the integrity and purity of a soldier’s intention to protect the homeland.

Blue hydrangea. Hydrangea are a rare breed of flowers that bloom in the color blue. Its rich, vibrant hue can help to convey a sense of justice and a patriotic spirit. Let the veterans in your life know how much you appreciate their service with a blue hydrangea bouquet.

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Flower arrangements that combine red, white and blue can make a truly impactful patriotic statement. A Freedom Bouquet combines lush red roses and carnations, white daisies and bluish-purple flowers in a glass cube vase with an American flag. The Red, White and True arrangement features grand red roses, white blossoms and blue delphinium in a cobalt blue vase. A Spectacular bouquet is perfect for acknowledging spectacular service with its breathtaking array of white hydrangea, calla lilies, red roses and blue delphinium.

Veterans Day is the ideal time to honor the brave individuals who have served their country with bravery and pride. Consider these flower gift ideas to express your gratitude to the veterans in your life this Veterans Day.