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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on December 9, 2014 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Holidays

Decorating Your Home with Flowers this Hanukkah

shutterstock_167364551A festival of lights which lasts eight days, Hanukkah celebrates light, purity, and spirituality. The eight days of festivity involve the lighting of the menorah, special foods such as latkes, cheese, and donuts, and traditional games and gifts like dreidel and gilt. At Rose Hill Flowers, our expert florists can help you enhance your Hanukkah celebration this year with our festive floral centerpieces and arrangements in traditional blue and white, filling your home with even more joy.

Although the menorah is the true centerpiece of Hanukkah, lighting the darkness one candle at a time, a tasteful floral centerpiece, featuring white lilies, roses, orchids, and blue delphinium, can also add to your home’s holiday atmosphere. In addition to bringing a festive air to your home, a floral centerpiece also adds warmth to a dining table, mantel, or sideboard, while elevating the overall feel of your Hanukkah decorations – whether they be wreathes, hanging stars, banners, or homemade garlands of paper dreidels crafted by your children.


In keeping with the traditions of celebrating the triumph of lightness over darkness, decorations for the Festival of Lights can include lights in addition to those of the menorah. Let your family’s light shine this year with candles set in a floral arrangement of blue and white blooms to add even more warmth and brightness to your eight days of celebration.

Whether you choose a traditional , a floral centerpiece, or an illuminated arrangement, our expert florists at Rose Hill Flowers will make sure your flowers for Hanukkah fill your home with light and festivity. As always, it is a good idea to order flowers for an occasion early to ensure the availability of your desired arrangements and blooms. We hope you enjoy a happy Hanukkah filled with all of the light of the season!