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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on September 8, 2015 Flowers Holidays

The Best Grandparents Day Flowers

grandparents dayGrandparents are a cherished part of any family, and every day is a day to celebrate their contribution to the world, but the official celebration for grandparents is the first Sunday after Labor Day. Grandparents often spoil their children and grandchildren with gifts, but Grandparents’ Day is a time to return the favor. Rose Hill Flowers features a variety of beautiful bouquets and flowering plants for grandparents this year.

When Did Grandparents’ Day Begin?

Officially celebrated since 1978, the concept of a day celebrating grandparents was suggested in the early seventies. By 1977, a senator in Congress pushed legislation through that would send a document to then-President Carter to sign. The president’s proclamation declared that the first Sunday after Labor Day would be the official date to celebrate grandparents.

Celebrated annually for a few decades, the year 2004 would see an official song chosen for Grandparents’ Day. In Chula Vista, California, the city council decided that “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa” would be their official song. The song was quickly adopted in later years by other communities around the country as the official song of Grandparents’ Day. The Grandparents’ Day Council even gave the song’s composer a special award for his composition.

grandparents day

The Official Flower of Grandparents’ Day

Unlike Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, a specific “official” flower exists for Grandparents’ Day. That flower is the forget-me-not, but since the flower traditionally blooms in the spring, children and grandchildren are encouraged to give any seasonal flowers as gifts to their grandparents.

One of the best flowers to give a grandmother is a bouquet of roses. As the official flower of love, roses are the perfect way to honor and convey admiration on Grandparents’ Day. You might consider a gorgeous sequined vase full of bright tangerine roses. They’re a vibrant way to welcome the autumn and celebrate grandparents.

An extra-special gift for the grandparents in your life might include giving them flowers for an entire year. Imagine your grandparents receiving a beautiful vase of flowers each month with Flowers for a Year. They’ll be reminded of your love for them each month when a new flower arrangement arrives.

This year, add flowers to your celebration of Grandparents’ Day. Whether you choose a beautiful flowering plant or a gorgeous bouquet, flowers are a delicate and beautiful addition to your celebration whether you’re five or 500 miles away from your beloved family.