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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on November 28, 2016 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Christmas

Custom Handcrafted Holiday Wreaths

The holiday wreath is a classic piece of seasonal decor. Whether used to decorate your front door or your fireplace, the beauty and aromatic fragrance of evergreen combine to deliver the sights and sounds of the season. Rose Hill Flowers has beautiful handcrafted wreaths for the holidays, designed by our experts and delivered fresh to you in time for all the celebrations.

Holiday wreaths have a long history reaching back thousands of years. Ancient cultures believed that everything in nature contained spirits. The evergreen exhibited amazing resilience in the face of the harsh winter, and therefore was believed to embody protective qualities. Evergreen wreaths were fashioned to absorb the sun’s rays during the short days. Subsequently, they were used to celebrate the Winter Solstice, as they were thought to bring about the eventual spring.

The Romans later used evergreen wreaths as symbols of victory. As fledgling Christianity began to spread throughout the empire, the believers adopted the evergreen wreath as representing the victory of Christ over the grave; also citing its circular shape as representative of eternal life. Given that pagan cultures were still using the wreath to celebrate the solstice, the tradition translated to the celebration of Christmas, which took place within days of the shortest day of the year.

holiday wreaths

These days, holidays wreaths simply represent goodwill and the holiday spirit throughout the Christmas season. For beautifully designed wreaths for your home or office, you can trust the professionals at Rose Hill Flowers. We have handcrafted decorative wreaths, floral arrangements, and centerpieces that will make your holiday special – and we are glad to deliver them throughout the greater Nashville area.Call us today to get started on your list!