Sympathy Baskets

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Sympathy baskets can be sent directly to the funeral parlor or to your loved one's home. Browse our appropriate floral and plant gifts that arrive in elegant baskets. These selections are easy to care for and transport. 

Sending a floral Sympathy Basket from Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, Tennessee, is a profound way to convey condolences and offer comfort during times of loss. Flowers have a universal language, capable of expressing empathy and providing solace when words fall short. A Sympathy Basket, thoughtfully arranged by the skilled florists at Rose Hill Flowers, carries this message of support and compassion to those grieving, reminding them they are not alone in their sorrow.

Each basket is curated with care, blending blooms that symbolize peace, love, and eternal life, such as lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums, in soothing colors that convey respect and remembrance. The beauty of these arrangements not only honors the memory of the departed but also brings a gentle reminder of hope and renewal to the bereaved. Choosing to send a Sympathy Basket from Rose Hill Flowers is a gesture that transcends the ordinary, offering a touch of warmth and beauty during difficult times. It’s a way to reach out with tenderness and care, providing a tangible expression of sympathy and comfort in the home of those mourning. With each flower, the basket serves as a heartfelt embrace from afar, a symbol of shared sorrow, and an offering of condolence and strength.

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