Pink, Purple, and White in Pastel Arrangement

NOTE: This one-sided arrangement is suitable to be sent to a funeral or memorial service.

Heaven's Garden

Show your respect with this colorful arrangement in a mache basket.

Heaven's Garden from Rose Hill Flowers is a vibrant homage to the boundless beauty of nature's most enchanting blooms. This mache basket is a cornucopia of color, bursting with a rich tapestry of florals that captures the essence of a celestial garden. With majestic lilies, their trumpet-shaped blossoms unfurling in pure white, the arrangement whispers stories of serenity and grace. Intertwined with these are the intense blues of iris and delphinium, standing tall like the vibrant skies above. Sprigs of pink snapdragons and roses add a playful rhythm to the melody of colors, while soft pastel hues of sweet peas and other seasonal blooms provide a delicate counterpoint to the deeper shades.

The lush greenery that cradles these flowers adds depth and fullness, creating an undercurrent of life and renewal throughout the composition. Heaven's Garden is not just a floral arrangement; it is a celebration of life, a tribute that honors with dignity and adorns with natural splendor. It serves as a profound expression of respect and a reminder of our eternal gardens in our hearts and memories.

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