Vibrant Basket of Sunflowers and Roses

NOTE: This one-sided arrangement is suitable to be sent to a funeral or memorial service.

Birds of the Field

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Birds of Paradise are a focal point in this stunning basket, with sunflowers and roses as accent flowers.

"Birds of the Field" from Rose Hill Flowers is an exquisite arrangement that celebrates the dynamic beauty of nature's canvas. This stunning basket artfully showcases the exotic allure of Birds of Paradise, each bloom standing tall and stately, a vivid mimicry of tropical birds in flight. Their striking orange and blue hues are a testament to the wild, untamed splendor of their natural habitat. Complementing the dramatic presence of the Birds of Paradise are the cheerful sunflowers, their golden faces turned towards the sun, embodying the warmth and energy of a summer's day. Roses in various colors add a classic touch of elegance and grace to the basket. Their soft, velvety petals juxtapose the bold structure of the Birds of Paradise, creating a dance of texture and form.

Nestled within a rustic woven basket, "Birds of the Field" is a spirited expression of joy and wonder. It celebrates the richness of the outdoors, where every flower plays a role in the symphony of nature. This arrangement is not just a floral gift but an invitation to appreciate the boundless and spirited beauty of the world beyond our doors.

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