Vibrant sympathy basket in a decorative container

NOTE: This one-sided arrangement is suitable to be sent to a funeral or memorial service.


This sympathy basket is in a lovely decorative container and features premium flowers in vibrant colors.

"Eden" from Rose Hill Flowers is a bountiful sympathy basket as vibrant as the garden it's named after. This arrangement is a tribute that celebrates life's color spectrum, thoughtfully placed in a lovely decorative container that adds an extra layer of beauty and meaning to the occasion. The basket is brimming with premium flowers, each chosen for its splendor and significance. Sun-kissed sunflowers and lush gladioli stretch toward the sky, symbolizing strength and moral integrity. Roses in sunset hues bring warmth and express respect and love, while the playful dance of bright snapdragons adds a note of grace. Delicate delphiniums lend their soothing blue to the mix, reminiscent of a serene sky that watches over us.

Together, these flowers create a visual sonnet, their vibrant colors a reminder of the joyful memories shared with loved ones. The "Eden" basket is not just a gesture of sympathy but a celebration of life, a vivid tapestry woven from the earth's most beautiful blooms, offered as a symbol of compassion and shared sorrow in times of remembrance.

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