Crosses & Hearts

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These stand-up flower crosses and flower hearts make an exquisite display at the funeral parlor. Have a cross or heart arrangement delivered to funeral homes in Nashville, surrounding areas, or cities nationwide. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, with express delivery available. Sending Crosses & Heart floral arrangements from Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN, embodies a profound expression of love, faith, and heartfelt condolence. These symbolic designs go beyond the aesthetic beauty of flowers, touching deep spiritual and emotional chords within recipients and viewers alike. Crafted with care and reverence, each arrangement is a testament to the florist's artistry and sensitivity towards conveying messages that words alone cannot express.

When rendered in flowers, the cross, a powerful symbol of faith and hope, offers comfort and solace to those grieving, serving as a reminder of eternal life and spiritual continuity. The heart, universally recognized as the emblem of love, conveys deep affection and unbreakable bonds that transcend the physical world. Together, these shapes speak volumes about compassion, support, and the enduring nature of love and belief. Choosing to send a Cross or Heart arrangement from Rose Hill Flowers is a way to share in the mourning process, offering a visible sign of support and a beacon of hope during times of loss. The beauty and serenity of these arrangements provide a poignant tribute to loved ones who passed, celebrating their lives and their impact on those around them. Rose Hill Flowers encapsulates the essence of remembrance, love, and spiritual comfort in every petal and curve, making these arrangements a cherished gift during difficult times.

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