Colorful Heart Shaped Wreath on Easel


This sympathy tribute, in the shape of a heart, is on an easel and features stargazer lilies, pink roses, green hydrangeas, and even more assorted purple flowers. It will add much beauty to your service.

"Heartfelt" from Rose Hill Flowers is a visually stunning sympathy tribute, exquisitely crafted to convey the most profound sentiments in remembrance. Poised upon an easel, this heart-shaped display is a rich tapestry of floral beauty designed to add a touch of grace and dignity to any service. The heart is tenderly filled with the majestic stargazer lilies, their bold, fragrant blooms symbolizing the light of life. Pink roses are delicately interlaced, their soft petals unfolding stories of love and devotion. Amidst these blooms, the gentle green hydrangeas offer a soothing presence, their subtle tones representing renewal and peace.

An array of assorted purple flowers adds depth and variety, creating a luxurious palette that reflects cherished memories and the beauty of the bond shared. Each flower in the "Heartfelt" arrangement is chosen for its aesthetic appeal and its ability to embody emotion and comfort to those gathered in unity and reflection. It is more than an arrangement; it's a beacon of love, a beautiful declaration that, though lost from sight, loved ones remain forever in the heart.

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