Heart-shaped sympathy arrangement of white hydrangea, calla lilies and roses with accenting greenery

Pure of Heart

Remember a loved one's generous heart with this arrangement in a classic heart shape, a declaration of eternal love and devotion. This standing heart comes with white hydrangea, calla lilies, and roses, and it has accenting greenery.

The "Pure of Heart" arrangement from Rose Hill Flowers is a touching and profound tribute to a loved one's generous spirit. This heart-shaped arrangement is an emblem of eternal love and devotion, a testament to the pure-hearted and their everlasting impact on our lives.

Composed of pristine white hydrangea, each petal represents the tenderness and affection we hold for the dearly departed. The elegance of calla lilies weaves through the design, symbolizing the soul's majestic journey and the grace they carried through life. The roses, in subtle shades of pink, express a love that remains vibrant and enduring. Accenting greenery gives the heart a lush, full backdrop, highlighting the blooms and symbolizing the growth and continuation of life. This standing heart arrangement is poised on a sturdy easel, presenting a striking and dignified homage suitable for services, memorials, or as a centerpiece in a gathering of remembrance.

Crafting such a design requires skill and a deep understanding of the sentiments involved. Rose Hill Flowers encapsulates this understanding, delivering a floral arrangement that resonates with beauty, respect, and heartfelt sincerity. "Pure of Heart" is more than a floral arrangement; it's a visible expression of the most profound human connections, cherished memories, and the unspoken words of the heart.

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