Stunning Sympathy Cross Featuring Red Roses

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Bamboo Cross with Roses

This bamboo or river cane cross is filled with roses and accented with spray roses. It may be available in other colors.

At Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN, we craft an embracing symbol of faith and love with our Bamboo Cross with Roses. This heartfelt tribute merges the sturdy, natural elegance of bamboo or river cane into a cross, signifying strength and eternal peace. Adorned with a lush cluster of rich red roses, each bloom is carefully selected for its vibrant hue and velvety petals. We delicately accent the arrangement with petite spray roses, their smaller blossoms adding a touch of grace and intricate detail. This particular design whispers stories of love, remembrance, and reverence. The roses, traditional emblems of love and passion, also convey respect and the tender emotions shared with those held dear. While this arrangement proudly features roses in a passionate red, we appreciate the unique preferences and stories our customers bring. We are pleased to offer this arrangement in various colors to match your sentiments and the theme of your special occasion.

Ideal for memorials, services, or as a comforting gesture, the Bamboo Cross with Roses stands as a beacon of faith and a warm embrace of remembrance. It's not just an arrangement; it's a gentle touch, a soothing word, and a presence that lingers lovingly in memory.

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