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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on January 28, 2016 Flowers Valentine's Day

Top Valentine’s Day Flowers and Color Meanings

Valentine's Day FlowersValentine’s Day is every February 14th; are you ready to celebrate your special relationships this year? Whether you have a romantic partner or not, sending flowers is the ideal way to show you care. Friends, extended family members and even treasured co-workers would love to receive a flower gift this Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the top Valentine’s Day flower gift ideas along with their significance and color meanings:

A Rose By Any Other Name…

The rose, of course, is the classic Valentine’s Day flower. Giving a dozen (or more) red roses are the iconic way to express romantic love and passion. Red with any color flower tends to connote this same meaning.

Valentine's Day Flowers

However, roses and other flowers can convey different meanings depending upin the color. Pink flowers, including roses can show gratitude and admiration to the recipient. Orange indicates desire and enthusiasm, and yellow signifies joy, cheer, friendship and a fresh start. The color white expresses purity and reverence, and purple flowers indicate a more regal and spiritual connection.

The Luxury of Lilies

The lily is a stately, elegant flower that’s ideal for Valentine’s Day gift giving. It symbolizes renewal and rebirth and blooms in a range of styles from the trumpet-shaped white calla lily to exotic stargazer and Asiatic lilies. The deeper tones of pink, oranges and yellow radiate strong feelings for the recipient, while lighter colors and pastels show a respectful reverence.Valentine's Day Flowers

Tropical Orchids

The beautiful, exotic orchid is another excellent non-traditional choice for Valentine’s Day. It comes in a range of species and looks and brings an opulent, rarified energy. From deep reds and pinks to lighter colors and even purple and blue, there’s an orchid for every special person in your life.

Springtime Tulips

While the spring season is some time away, tulips are an ideal flower for Valentine’s Day gift giving. They signify, hope, renewal and the promise of new beginnings. The Love Those Tulips arrangement combines pastel-toned blossoms for a gorgeous effect.Valentine's Day Flowers

Flower bouquets can express how you feel without saying a word. Love comes in many forms, and you can find just the right meaning and impact with the flower ideas discussed here. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s an ideal time for expressing love and appreciation. Make Valentine’s Day unforgettable this year for those special people in your life with an expertly-designed floral arrangement.

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