Arrangement of white hydrangea, calla lilies and curly willow in a clear glass vase

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Belle Meade

Breathtaking vase of white hydrangea, calla lilies and curly willow! Sophisticated, stylish and classy all in one!

The Belle Meade arrangement is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, a true testament to the refined beauty we at Rose Hill Flowers are known for crafting. This breathtaking vase arrangement is a symphony of pure white hues featuring the plush globes of hydrangea blossoms that represent heartfelt emotions, nestled alongside the sleek grace of calla lilies, symbolizing magnificent beauty. Together, they create a visual harmony that's as stylish as soul-stirring. To add a whisper of the wild and a touch of whimsy, curly willow branches reach skyward, their organic twists and turns invoking a sense of movement, as if dancing to an unseen melody. This stunning contrast of the willow’s playful curves with the flowers' statuesque elegance makes the Belle Meade an arrangement that doesn't just sit in a space but transforms it.

Housed in a sleek glass vase, the clarity of the container allows the natural beauty of the stems to be on display, echoing the transparent sincerity of the gesture when you give such a magnificent gift. Ideal for gracing the halls of a wedding, adorning a corporate event, or simply adding a touch of class to your home, the Belle Meade arrangement is a celebration of all that is chic and classy.

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