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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

Your Summer Soiree Calls For Flowers

Summer calls for long, voluptuous dinner parties that take advantage of the warm days and mild nights. This is the time to plan a gathering that showcases the season’s most delicious dishes. A menu might include a platter of salmon, a heaping bowl of garden-fresh salad and a sweet, cool sorbet for dessert. Sangria and wine are in order, as is a charcuterie spread with meats, cheeses and the bountiful fruits of the season. What’s missing? Flowers, of course. Rose Hill Flowers has plenty of beautiful designs that work as table decor or the centerpiece itself for your summer dinners, whether they take place indoors lit by candles or outside under the stars.

While the feast you’ve prepared is the main event, you’ll want to offer your guests something in flower form that is equally enticing to look at. Our warm-weather menus are full of bright, zesty flavors, making use of citrus and herbs to convey a refreshing, palette-cleansing feeling. Our flowers can take their cue from this, as ourĀ Indian Summer design does. Here the bold faces of sunflowers are surrounded by richly vibrant flowers of all colors and set in a modern cube that adds even more texture. A piece like this helps set the tone and carries forward summer’s vibe, which we think of as relaxed elegance.

Make sure you put a floral centerpiece or two on the menu for this June’s dinner party.