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Celebrate Summer With Fresh Centerpieces

The beauty of summer has arrived and it brings warm weather, longer days, and bright bold colors. It’s time to celebrate everything fun and enjoyable about summertime. Celebrate summer with fresh centerpieces at every event or occasion. Whether you open up your home to invite friends and warm breezes or love to get outside to grill during these months, enhance your summer dining experience with gorgeous bright blooms. The floral designers at Rose Hill Flowers will be happy to help you choose the most amazing colors and designs for your indoor and outdoor entertaining. Read More about Celebrate Summer With Fresh Centerpieces »
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Sharing Our Floral Traditions

Grandparents Day is a time when families can gather together and celebrate the traditions that make them special. Observed on the second Sunday in September, this is a wonderful time to let grandparents articulate the significance of things that are special to your family. If there are certain flowers or plants that hold special meaning, include them as centerpieces for your lunch, or bring them to your grandparents to show them how much they mean to you. Talk to the floral designers at Rebel Hill Florist about our many pieces you can choose for your family gathering. Read More about Sharing Our Floral Traditions »
Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on August 27, 2018 Flowers Grandparent's Day

Bee-Friendly Flowers Are Beautiful

Rose Hill Flowers is enamored of the humble worker bee---and we think you should be, too. After all, this industrious little insect pollinates at least 90 commercially-grown crops, as well as 80% of all flowering plants. Without them, we'd be missing everything from apples and avocados to coffee and carrots. Over millions of years, bees have adapted into efficient machines for transporting both nectar and pollen back to their colonies, which can consist of anywhere from 10,000 to 60,000 bees. There, they turn that nectar into honey and bee bread, a nutrient-rich food source. And along the way, they pollinate thousands and thousands of plants, which is the only way those plants will grow. How do they do it? Read More about Bee-Friendly Flowers Are Beautiful »
Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on August 13, 2018 Flowers Summer

Make A Home For Those Flowers In Yours

Rose Hill Flowers knows that feeling you get when you arrive home with fresh flowers or receive them at the door as a gift. After admiring them from every angle, you'll be faced with where to display them in your home. Should it be the dining room table? The mantel? The foyer? On the credenza behind the couch? In short, where should those flowers live? Depends on the flowers. A highly fragrant design may not be the best choice for a dining area, while a humidity-loving orchid could thrive next to the tub in the bathroom. A small, compact grouping of flowers looks just right on a desk, while flowers with dramatic scale (like gladiolus) make a glorious entryway or living room piece. The point is, know thy flowers. Read More about Make A Home For Those Flowers In Yours »
Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on August 3, 2018 Flowers Summer

Handpicked Songs For Your Summer Playlist

Using flowers or music to communicate a message to someone special can often be more effective than simply saying what you want to say. The floral artisans at Rose Hill Flowers know the power of sending a beautiful bouquet. We also know that a well-chosen song can mean a lot, so we’ve devised our own floral playlist to go with the flowers you choose. Read More about Handpicked Songs For Your Summer Playlist »
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How To Travel Without Leaving Your Home

Have table, will travel? If this isn't your mantra this summer, it might as well be. This is the time when all of us catch the travel bug, when we long for new destinations and experiences, engaging with cultures that inspire and challenge us out of our boxes. But for many of us, a major trip isn't in the cards this year, and that's just fine. Rose Hill Flowers knows exactly how to create a worldly, well-traveled vibe in your home, and it requires nothing more than a savvy floral design that recalls the most exciting places you love to fantasize about. Read More about How To Travel Without Leaving Your Home »
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Your Summer Soiree Calls For Flowers

Summer calls for long, voluptuous dinner parties that take advantage of the warm days and mild nights. This is the time to plan a gathering that showcases the season's most delicious dishes. A menu might include a platter of salmon, a heaping bowl of garden-fresh salad and a sweet, cool sorbet for dessert. Sangria and wine are in order, as is a charcuterie spread with meats, cheeses and the bountiful fruits of the season. What's missing? Flowers, of course. Rose Hill Flowers has plenty of beautiful designs that work as table decor or the centerpiece itself for your summer dinners, whether they take place indoors lit by candles or outside under the stars. Read More about Your Summer Soiree Calls For Flowers »
Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

Invite Butterflies With Beautiful Flowers

It's a beautiful summer day. You are relaxing in the yard, enjoying all the colors of the season, sipping on your favorite beverage - and a few butterflies drop in to say hello and explore the plants and flowers. Everyone loves when a gorgeous butterfly makes an appearance - so this summer, how about setting up your yard so that the butterflies are not only attracted to visit, but to stay? Butterfly gardens need not be extravagant or complicated; in fact, they only need a few things - the perfect spot, bright and nectar-filled flowers, a little water, and a few rocks. Rose Hill Flowers is here to help you with the florals you need to get going! Do You Have to Plant a Garden? You do not need to plant an actual garden in the ground to attract butterflies. You will have success with window boxes or potted plants as well. The key is to provide a safe, protected area of concentrated flowers that catch their attention.  Read More about Invite Butterflies With Beautiful Flowers »
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Summer Party Centerpieces and Flowers

It's summer in Nashville, and life is lived outside - from a hike in Percy Warner Park to wine-tasting at Arrington Vineyards, we love exploring the place we call home. One of our very favorite pastimes of summer is getting together for long, relaxed evenings with friends and family. Whether an elegant dinner or casual barbecue, dining with loved ones is a summer tradition. This year, add a little color, elegance, whimsy, and beauty to your summer tables, with summer party centerpieces and arrangements from Rose Hill Flowers. Stay Hydrated! Keep your flowers fresh and vivid -  vibrant summer colors do best when in the shade or resting in water. Keep your flowers hydrated, and they'll keep your party beautiful.  Read More about Summer Party Centerpieces and Flowers »
Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on June 15, 2017 | Last Updated: June 19, 2017 Floral Design Flowers Summer