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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on August 27, 2018 Flowers Grandparent's Day

Sharing Our Floral Traditions

Grandparents Day is a time when families can gather together and celebrate the traditions that make them special. Observed on the second Sunday in September, this is a wonderful time to let grandparents articulate the significance of things that are special to your family. If there are certain flowers or plants that hold special meaning, include them as centerpieces for your lunch, or bring them to your grandparents to show them how much they mean to you. Talk to the floral designers at Rebel Hill Florist about our many pieces you can choose for your family gathering.

Bring a bright, cheerful Brilliant Blooms Bouquet to your grandparents this year to celebrate such a great family tradition. This glass bubble bowl is bursting with every color of the rainbow and accented with ribbons to match. Not only will grandparents be delighted by this energetic display, kids will be delighted to present such a fun arrangement to their elders. What a great way to boost this unique relationship.

Find out which flowers are special to your grandparents and listen to the stories surrounding their importance. The traditions, wisdom and experiences shared will be treasured for generations. The floral experts at Rose Hill Flowers are glad to help you choose the best flowers for your family’s event, or to send your grandparents as a special show of affection.