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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on February 18, 2019 Floral Design Flowers winter

New Floral Trends Full of Elegance

As we look ahead to the Floral Trends for 2019 our trends forecast predicts amazing new floral trends full of elegance that will mezmerize and intrigue you. One distinctive look that has caught the eye of floral designers at Rose Hill Flowers is Forest Walk, a complex pattern of dark, bold colors found beneath the forest canopy like plum, brown, green, amber yellow, and gray combined with organic elements often found deep within a thriving forest. Vines, moss, pods, berries, ferns, anemones and mushrooms are among the many textural pieces we will see throughout the Forest Walk trend this season.

As if waking up to a deluge of sensory delights, our Winter Garden inspires as it plunges you deep into the ferny woods to indulge in the fresh fluidity of complex patterns and exquisite textures. Enjoy dark red roses, orchids, hydrangea, lilies, and dusty miller accented with stalks of red berries and fresh pine for a wintery feel. Presented in a gold container, this piece is perfect for special occasions or just because.

Discover the mesmerizing indulgence of fluidity and minerals that encompass the Forest Walk look. Let your imagination stroll through a thriving wood to find the essence of Forest Walk. The floral artisans at Rose Hill Flowers can show you more Forest Walk designs that will intrigue your sense of natural style and freshness.