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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on August 3, 2018 Flowers Summer

Make A Home For Those Flowers In Yours

Rose Hill Flowers¬†knows that feeling you get when you arrive home with fresh flowers or receive them at the door as a gift. After admiring them from every angle, you’ll be faced with where to display them in your home. Should it be the dining room table? The mantel? The foyer? On the credenza behind the couch? In short, where should those flowers live?

Depends on the flowers. A highly fragrant design may not be the best choice for a dining area, while a humidity-loving orchid could thrive next to the tub in the bathroom. A small, compact grouping of flowers looks just right on a desk, while flowers with dramatic scale (like gladiolus) make a glorious entryway or living room piece. The point is, know thy flowers.

In some cases, the design itself dictates placement, as with our Nature’s Palette Centerpiece. We like how this piece demonstrates the principles of a centerpiece: a low splay of mixed seasonal flowers. Little to no fragrance, with two or three statement florals in the center. It provides lots of interest without taking too much attention away from the people gathered at the table. It functions as decor as well as a focal point.

Flowers can and will enhance a room’s setting and purpose. You just have to be a little thoughtful about where they can best do that.

When you find that perfect spot for a floral arrangement, you’ll know it. With a little practice, you’ll get really good at matching your flowers or plants to the various spaces in your home.