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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on March 16, 2015 St. Patrick's Day

What Gifts to Send on St. Patrick’s Day

social copyAt Rose Hill Flowers, we know that St. Patrick’s Day calls for gifts that are not only beautiful, but also symbolic. Green is this holiday’s traditional color, but do you know why? We will show you what this color means to the Irish, and we’ll give you some of our favorite green gift ideas for the lads and lasses in your life!


Green Traditions


Ireland itself has always been associated with this color because of their famed lush green landscape. However, this color is particularly important to those who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. As the legends say, St. Patrick used the green shamrock to teach the Irish about the Holy Trinity. For this reason, both the shamrock and the color green are associated with St. Patrick and his holiday.


Throughout Ireland’s history, government organizations and religious groups dedicated to St. Patrick adopted green as their official color. In fact, the shamrock is recognized as Ireland’s national flower. Today, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the “Wearing of the Green,” which is a way to pay homage not only to St. Patrick, but to their Irish heritage.


zoom_IMG1668800w14030653203Green Floral Gifts


There are many green flowers that you can use to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day, including hydrangea, mums, gladioli and orchids. However, one flower stands out above all others: the Bells of Ireland. As the name suggests, these bright green flowers are shaped like bells, and they grow in impressively tall spikes. Add them to a bouquet with green mums, as we did in our “Luck of the Irish” bouquet, and you’ll have an arrangement that is both symbolic and beautiful.


Giving Shamrocks


If you’re looking for a traditional St. Patrick’s Day gift, there is no better option than shamrocks. With three heart-shaped leaves on the end of each stem, these plants resemble clover. Shamrocks bloom frequently, so the recipient of your gift will also be rewarded with a profusion of white flowers.


Green Plants and Dish Gardens


Another great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is to send someone a potted plant or dish garden. When it comes to green plants, we have many options available, including peace lilies, arboricola, ficus and the lush pothos.


For a little more variety, try a dish garden. These small planters can include anything from ferns and ivy to small palms and other tropical plants. We even have green dish gardens filled with your favorite succulents and cacti.


Whether you’re looking for traditional shamrocks and flowers or an unusual mixture of tropical greens, Rose Hill Flowers has everything you need to surprise your friends and family on St. Patrick’s Day. Stop by or visit our website to see even more green flowers and gifts!