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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on May 19, 2015 Holidays Memorial Day

Using Flowers on Memorial Day

memorial dayOften considered the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day is a time of celebration, but it’s also a day to remember the sacrifices of veterans where graves are decorated with flowers and parades are held in tribute. Common activities include holding the first summer barbecue of the season, as well as visiting cemeteries to remember the fallen.

Memorial Day: A History

Initially conceived by a group of veterans shortly after the Civil War, the day was known as Decoration Day and was supposed to be held May 30th. Historians believe this date was chosen because flowers would be in bloom all over the country which would make it easier to decorate the graves of war dead.

First observed at Arlington National Cemetery, the day featured speeches from high-ranking members of the government, as well as a visit from a group of orphans who walked through the cemetery to drape graves with flowers. All graves were decorated whether they belonged to Union or Confederate soldiers.

Celebrating Memorial Day Today

The modern observation of Memorial Day probably makes you think of barbecues, sprinklers, and sunshine, and that’s not a bad way to start the summer. However, the significance of the holiday shouldn’t be forgotten, and there are many ways to include meaningful remembrances in your Memorial Day gathering.

For example, decorating the tables of your barbecue with patriotic flowers is a beautiful way to remember the fallen. Patriotic arrangements usually feature simple flags and flowers in colors like white and red. Adding a blue ribbon or vase to the arrangement is also a festive option for decorating in a USA-themed gathering.

memorial day

True Blue

Remember the Fallen with a Patriotic Frame

Do you have a relative or loved one who fought bravely for his or her country but is no longer with us? You may want to include a picture of that person in a patriotic frame on a table or other patriotic display for the holiday. If you’re setting up a buffet table for everyone at your barbecue, you can think about including a red, white, & blue flower arrangement alongside a patriotic frame of a soldier or loved one.

Memorial Day is a time to celebrate with friends and welcome the summer, but it’s also a holiday that asks us to remember the thousands of fallen who gave their lives to protect their families back home. Make sure your celebration is both fun and respectful by including simple tokens of remembrance and respect like patriotic flowers.

Our experts at Rose Hill Flowers are ready to assist you in selecting the perfect patriotic floral arrangements to commemorate and thank a soldier from your community who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.