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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on January 14, 2015 Weddings

Using the Color Red in Your Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMWhen you think of weddings, love, and celebrations with close friends, the color red might be one of the first shades you consider. From the wedding flowers to the bridesmaids’ dresses, every detail must feel perfect, and your colors will showcase your style and personality.

If you’re thinking about using red for your nuptials, you’re in luck because there’s nothing more spectacular and memorable than a red wedding.

Unexpected Ways to Use Color in Your WeddingIMG7096-120828101837

The color red is a commanding and, some might say, demanding color. Even if you feature red in subtle ways, such as along the edges of your reception’s tablecloths and within the ribbons tied around the wedding bouquets, it’s impossible to hide the radiant glow of the color.

Imagine a fluffy, white wedding cake with delicious edible flowers on each tier. Sure, the wedding cake is white, but no one will remember the color of the cake. They’ll remember the vibrant red flowers and how they match the flowers in your hair.

You’ll also want to think about red wedding favors for your guests. Consider giving your guests edible wedding favors they can enjoy during the reception or on the drive home after the celebration. Perhaps some red, heart-shaped cookies with your initials stamped in the center, or little bottles of red candies printed with a special message.

Get Creative, and Go Beyond Roses

Red roses will always syI10811500-12082440438mbolize love, and it’s hard to have a wedding without roses (and who’d want to anyway, right?), but roses aren’t the only flowers that look incredible in red.

If you’re thinking about a destination wedding or one with an island or tropical theme, you might think about the trumpeting blooms of the amaryllis flower or perhaps the lovely and large red hibiscus.

Another divine flower for red weddings is the tulip, which is a perfect addition to your late winter or early spring wedding. The ultimate symbol of elegance, vases of red tulips at your wedding will add class and grace to your special day.

Whether your big day will happen during the sparkling white of winter or among lush greens of spring and summer, red is an amazing color to use. Your guests will find it easy to feel the love and affection at your wedding when you decorate in red.