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Tips for Sending Flowers to Someone in the Hospital

There’s nothing better than an uplifting and bright bouquet of flowers to elevate someone’s spirits, especially if they are in the hospital. Fragrant, colorful, blooms do wonders for livening up a drab hospital room, and the recipient’s mood. In fact, flowers have been proven to make people happier for longer than if they had received some other type of gift. That’s the power of flowers!

Before choosing the first pretty bouquet you see, make sure you’re aware of a few important tips you should know about sending flowers to the hospital. The experts at Rose Hill have been offering beautiful, get-well flowers to the Nashville area since 1987. Here are some helpful guidelines for you to follow:

Personal Favorite Bouquet

Tips for Sending Flowers to the Hospital

  1. Make them bright! Vibrant and colorful flowers inject a pop of happy tones into a drab room and instill happiness and joy into the patient.
  2. Long-lasting, easy-to-care-for flowers are the way to go. Talk to your florist about the best types of flowers or plants that will last longer and require minimal attention.
  3. Go small instead of big. Large arrangements, though nice looking, may interfere with equipment or hospital staff trying to do their job. Make sure the arrangement is more compact in size for space reasons. Plus, it will be easier to carry when it’s time to go home.
  4. Choose flowers that are allergy-free. Some hospital staff or other visitors may be allergic, so be safe and choose hypoallergenic flowers such as daffodils, carnations, hydrangeas, peonies, or orchids.
  5. Use non-breakable containers. Glass and ceramic vases are prone to breaking into many sharp pieces if they get knocked on the floor. Plastic, metal, wicker, or wood containers are a better option.

Floral Arrangements that Are Beautiful and Meaningful

Select flowers that symbolize a special meaning or sentiment to make your get-well message more personal. Here’s a selection to choose from:

  • Asiatic Lily: The vibrant petals of this trumpet-shaped flower pop against a background of dark leaves providing a colorfully brilliant contrast. Lilies have symbolized good fortune and a happy life for thousands of years.
  • Chrysanthemums: Coming in a wide array of vibrant colors and shapes, mums symbolize optimism, happiness, and long life.
  • Daffodils: A cheery, colorful star-shaped flower, the happy daffodil symbolize new beginnings and eternal life.
  • Heather:  Dainty, blue bell-shaped petals, this flowering plant has long symbolized good luck and protection.
  • Hydrangeas: Consisting of delicate bunches of colorful flowers, these blooms are long-lasting and symbolize perseverance.
  • Iris: Meaning “rainbow” in Greek, the iris symbolizes good news.
  • Pansies: Consisting of four petals facing up and one facing down, these colorful and delicate blooms symbolize loving and caring thoughts.
  • Peonies: These gorgeous, full, showy blooms represent healing and a happy life
  • Yellow Tulips: Classic, jeweled-colored, and vibrant, yellow tulips symbolize the sun, hopefulness, and cheerful thoughts.

When you need to send get-well flowers, make sure you provide the florist with the recipient’s full name and the hospital they are in. Most floral shops deliver to local hospitals regularly, so they’ll be able to help you with this process. At Rose Hill, only the freshest and highest-quality flowers are used to create the perfect arrangement for you or a loved one.

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