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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on January 5, 2016 Plants

The Beauty of Houseplant Appreciation Day

houseplant appreciation After the holidays pass, it is easy for many people to want to relax and enjoy their downtime after the hustle and business of the previous few weeks. While this is normal, it is also important not to neglect the houseplants you have throughout your home. These beautiful potted plants provide owners with countless benefits, including fresher and cleaner air as well as a burst of color. Houseplant Appreciation Day was founded to help people remember that their plants continue to need love and attention even after the holiday season passes.

Houseplant Appreciation Day as started by The Gardener’s Network to encourage people to learn more about the wonderful benefits of having houseplants as well as to remind them to give their plants a little attention.

Giving gifts of houseplants to loved ones, or even sprucing up your own home with a new plant or two, are both excellent ways to celebrate this appreciation day. At Rose Hill Flowers, we love helping customers find the perfect plant. Here are three of our favorites.

Rainforest Garden

This plant arrangement offers rich, vibrant colors that perfectly complement each other. They are wonderful for adding a burst of color to their surroundings. There are typically five or seven plants within this arrangement, offering a variety of colors and textures. The decorative metal tin the arrangement is contained in means that these plants are also perfect for table centerpieces, up on mantles or bookcases.

Bromeliad Garden

The unique shape and rich color of the flower that forms on this plant makes it a wonderful addition to any home. It adds a bit of character and decoration to any room in the house. These plants require little care as well, making them a good choice for gifts.


This arrangement is developed from a few different Dracena plants. Although the final creation may vary in appearance, each arrangement takes advantage of the variety of textures and shapes found within the plants to create a unique arrangement that looks spectacular. it is perfect for places such as an end table or by a fireplace as an accent.

Houseplants are a wonderful addition to any home, and Houseplant Appreciation Day was created to remind people of the joy that these plants can bring. They can help lift people out of their winter blues and provide some respite from the weariness of winter. At Rose Hill Flowers, we enjoy helping our customers find the houseplant that will best fit their needs. Let us help you find the one you seek.