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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on May 20, 2016 Uncategorized

Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Parties with Flowers

outdoor partiesIn the summer months, we will take any opportunity to be outdoors. From picnics to fireworks displays, the summer is all about relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. When planning get-togethers for family and friends during these months – whether iced tea with a few girlfriends or a catered birthday bash for your mom – this is the season to for outdoor parties. And whether you have an acre of land or a small patio, the experts at Rose Hill Flowers have hundreds of ways for you to bring it to life through flowers and plants.

outdoor partiesBring your personality into it by utilizing whimsical planters that express your uniqueness. No one said that plants have to be serious all the time! These planters not only provide a fun way to display green plants or beautiful seasonal blooms, but they provide year-round décor everyone will love.

outdoor partiesFlowers are the perfect choice to transform any area quickly and easily. If you are having a picnic, add a bunch of sunflowers for a rustic country touch. If the gathering is more formal, orchids are an elegant addition to your table. But then again, so many summer gatherings are impromptu – so how can you be ready? If you do not already have flower beds creating a floral backdrop, create one! Trellises or wood pallets are the perfect places to grow blooming vines; if you are in a time crunch, simply hang baskets overflowing with summer blossoms for an instant pop of color.

outdoor partiesMaking any backyard gathering beautiful doesn’t have to be a daunting task – invite some friends, mix some lemonade and fire up the grill! And as for your décor, don’t panic – call Rose Hill Flowers for the most beautiful cut flowers, potted plants and basket arrangements in Nashville.