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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on February 24, 2016 Flowers Holidays

Rose Hill Flowers – National Floral Design Day

floral design dayA look back through history proves that flowers have always been used in diverse ways. From the creation of shelter and tools from their stalks, to the use of plants as foods and medications, it is truly a wonder to see all that flowers have contributed to our lives. Some of the oldest communications and stories that we have speak about flowers as having magical properties and the ability to make someone fall in love. Throughout the centuries, religious centers, political squares and personal homes have displayed countless floral arrangements, which have represented virtues and emotions from the profound to the sublime.


Whether you are looking to express your love or send condolences, flowers have always been considered an appropriate and meaningful gift. And just as an artist meticulously transforms his materials into a work of art, a floral designer takes individual blooms and arranges them in such a way that they can tell a story or convey the artist’s intended emotion.

floral design day floral design day

The idea of flowers as art came into vogue in the 20th century thanks largely to one man’s efforts. Carl Rittners was an esteemed floral professional and educator, remembered for his vision on challenging the status quo in the floral industry. The father of Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston, his legacy teaches thousands of students floral design as an art form. The school has brought a respect and discipline to the process; therefore in Mr. Rittners’ honor, National Floral Design Day was established and is celebrated annually on the 28th of February.


As Nashville’s premiere florist, Rebel Hill expert designers love being able to showcase beautiful floral designs all year round. But this month gives you a great opportunity to allow our professionals to create something that perfectly accentuates your décor or style – and just think, you will have your very own work of art.