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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on November 19, 2014 Weddings

Picking the Perfect Flowers for Your Winter Wedding 

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When it comes to your wedding, you’ll have so many decisions to make, and that includes flowers. Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, altar arrangements and even flowers for your cake – there are plenty of ways to add floral beauty to your wedding. If you’re wondering which flowers are best for a winter wedding, Rose Hill Flowers is happy to make recommendations.


Perfect Bridal and Bridesmaid Bouquets

Between freshly fallen snow and white wedding dresses, white flowers are always a popular choice for wintertime weddings. Choose white roses, calla lilies or gerbera daisies to create a snowy white bridal bouquet. Add a pop of color and create a truly show-stopping bouquet by blending purple and white Picasso mini callas and white roses. For the bridesmaids, try a simple mixture of dainty baby’s breath and hydrangea.

Bold Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres are normally made with a single beautiful flower surrounded by decorations such as rhinestones, berries or greenery. Since you’re relying on one flower to adorn your groom’s lapel, you’ll need to make sure it’s an eye-catcher. One of the most popular choices are rosebuds that are just starting to bloom, but there are several other flowers that make gorgeous boutonnieres. Calla lilies come in a variety of colors, and they have a certain elegance that no other flower can match. Orchids are another wonderful choice. These exotic flowers are available in snowy whites as well as pinks and purples that are perfect for a winter wedding.

Charming Centerpieces

You can take your centerpieces in one of two directions: tall, vertical displays or short, wide bowls and baskets. For the vertical displays, you’ll need flowers like orchids, callas, gladioli, snapdragons, delphinium or anything else that adds height to your arrangement. Use grasses and palm leaves to add an exotic flavor to your vertical arrangements. Shorter centerpieces call for flowers like roses, Casablanca lilies, mums and gerbera daisies. In the winter, you can use holly or other broad-leafed greenery to make a lush backdrop.

Amazing Altar Flowers

Imagine the photos of you and your groom at the altar, framed by a pair of gorgeous altar flower arrangements. To get that perfect look, you’ll want a mix of tall flowers to create a frame, and shorter, showy flowers to bring attention to the bride and groom. As with the centerpieces, choose flowers like roses, mums and lilies to form the body of the arrangement or spray. Add height with delphiniums, snapdragons and gladioli.

As you’re planning your wedding, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rose Hill Flowers. We are happy to give you advice and answer any of your questions. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out our online wedding flower galleries!