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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on December 26, 2018 Floral Design Flowers Holidays

New Beginnings, Thanks To Flowers

The New Year is a wonderful time to think about making small changes in our lives that will have a positive impact on our health, happiness and relationships. The floral experts at Rose Hill Flowers believe that keeping flowers in your daily life is a great way to do this. Here’s why:

  • Flowers boost creativity. Studies show that having bright colors in your line of vision increases creative thought. So we suggest placing your favorite flowers in your favorite colors near you as you work.
  • Flowers reduce stress. Anything green, particularly plants and flowers, are known to have the ability to lower stress and anxiety levels. Keeping leafy green plants and beautiful blooms in your home or office will have a calming effect throughout your day.
  • Flowers help you breathe easier. Flowers and plants are natural air purifiers. As they absorb harmful toxins and impurities in the air, they give off clean oxygen allowing you to breathe cleaner air and be more focused and purposeful with your work.

A gorgeous way to ring in the New Year with a fresh start is with our Sweet Amaryllis. These two fabulous amaryllis stalks mingle with seasonal greenery, hydrangea and roses in a red cube vase for an inspiring display to place anywhere.

Amaryllis Accented with Hydrangea and Roses

Let the new beginnings of 2019 be your time to shine as you are inspired to make small changes for lasting good. Talk to the floral artisans at Rose Hill Flowers to find the perfect bouquet for your new year.