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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on January 21, 2018 Flowers

Let Pantone’s Color Of The Year Brighten Up Your Winter

Are you ready for the year of purple? Color experts Pantone have made their pick for 2018 Color of the Year, and it’s Ultra Violet, an intriguing shade and a bold choice. Pantone has been selecting an annual “It” color since 2000, the idea being that the color chosen will capture the cultural zeitgeist and reflect what’s coming in the future. Designers, stylists, artists, florists and other creatives always look forward to hearing what the color will be and how they can incorporate it into the work they do.

We here at Rose Hill Flowers are no different. Ultra Violet – and more realistically, colors within the purple family – is a color that truly inspires us.

One gorgeous example of purple is found in orchids, the flowering plant that really shows off this vivid hue. With an orchid, you can really get a sense of the color’s majesty and mystery, how it adds complexity and depth to an arrangement and to the space it finds itself in. Our Orchid Garden wisely highlights its rich-looking blooms, while offering a free-form shape and lots of green to balance out the uniqueness of the color.

At Rose Hill Flowers, we love the idea of helping people work in the design trends that may otherwise be a bit tricky to pull off. Rather than paint an entire accent wall in Ultra Violet or buy all those throw pillows in the store, start off with a floral or plant piece that gives you all of the thrill of purple without the major commitment.