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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on July 7, 2015 Plants Summer

Guide to Using Outdoor Plants to Perk up Your Patio

outdoor plantsSummer’s warmer weather and sunny days just naturally beckon people outside. Patios, decks, and backyards become outdoor entertaining spaces where people can enjoy barbecues, picnics at home, neighborhood potlucks, or parties for extended family and special friends. If you’re going to go to the trouble of entertaining company outside, you need to make the outdoor space just as inviting as you would your dining and living rooms. Our floral design team here at Rose Hill Flowers understands the importance of entertaining and gathering with friends. They go to great lengths to ensure that our green and flowering plants are just as special as our floral arrangements.

Bring a Bit of Tropical Exoticism to Your Patio or Deck

The fact that we live in Tennessee shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the beauty of lush tropical plants. You can enjoy them in pots or containers, and the best thing about that is that you get to enjoy them all year around – just by transporting them to your patio or deck in summer, and bringing them back into the house when the weather gets cool. Our “BROMELIAD GARDEN” lets you enjoy the lushness of the tropics with an easy-to-care-for container garden.

outdoor plants

Bromeliad Garden

Bromeliads produce flowers from the center of the plant. A pineapple is a Bromeliad. The fruit is produced from the center of the plant. As the plant matures, it produces pups, which are baby plants that grow off the mother plant. We pack several bromeliads into this garden, allowing you to enjoy the contrast between the lush, shiny green leaves, and the bright red flower that emerges from the center.

Our “Rainforest Garden” is a delightfully whimsical nod to the rainforest where everything looks lush and green, and flowers bloom prolifically because of the perfect climate. We may not have the perfect climate, but you can have the perfect tabletop garden with this arrangement. We combine various green plants with bright flowering plants in a rustic metal container. This is the perfect accent to an outdoor dining table, or for a coffee table in an outdoor lounging area.

outdoor plants

Rainforest Garden

The Luxury of Almost Zero Maintenance

If you want to spruce up your outdoor entertaining areas, and want to add some interest through plants and plant arrangements, without having to worry about constantly taking care of the plants, then our “Succulent Garden” is the perfect solution for you. Succulents are often confused with cacti because they don’t require a lot of water and can survive with a lot of neglect. Succulents have fleshy leaves that hold water, creating a built-in reservoir that feeds the plant when necessary. This is another delightful container ensemble that you can enjoy outside while the weather is warm, and then bring it back inside once it starts to get cool again.

outdoor plants

Succulent garden