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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on May 16, 2016 Graduation

Graduation Flowers from Rebel Hill

graduation flowersIt is graduation season, and across the country over 6 million students are preparing to walk across that stage to receive their diplomas. These days are steeped in tradition, pomp, and circumstance; and the ceremony includes customs that started six centuries ago. The traditional wearing of graduation robes dates back to the 1400’s – in the Middle Ages, the sole institution of learning was the Church. The only students, Catholic monks, wore clerical robes and biretta caps; these were the forerunners of the familiar cap and gown. Due to the elite nature of education at that time, graduations continue to embody a sense of dignity and reverence.

Why do we celebrate graduations? The ceremony is considered by the academic world to be a rite of passage, a significant occasion that will change the course of one’s life. It is a noteworthy event, something that only happens once or twice, and the time and effort that was expended to get to this point is something to be recognized,

graduation flowersFlowers have played a significant role in commemorating distinguished occasions for thousands of years. A crown of laurel leaves and a bouquet of gladioli were traditionally bestowed on a victorious gladiator, and over the years, meaningful florals have been given to reward success. For instance, yellow roses signify that someone has reached the highest level of distinction, orange roses conveys pride, and pink roses send deep admiration. Further, the iris flowers praise wisdom and magnolias recognize perseverance. Creating a bouquet with some of these flowers is a personal expression of your pride in your graduate’s achievements,

Of all the Nashville graduates this year, the ones you love are the most important! So make sure that they understand just how much you appreciate their hard work and success, with a gorgeous bouquet from Rose Hill Flowerss.