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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on November 9, 2015 Flowers Holidays

Give the Gift of a Peace Lily for World Peace Day

world peace dayOn November 17, we celebrate World Peace Day. If you’re wondering what World Peace Day is, you’re not alone. We’ve heard of International Peace Day, and we’re sure that many of you have also heard of it. That’s the day that the United Nations designated as the day on which people throughout the world gather to discuss conflicts between different world populations, and what the International community can do to help bring about a resolution.


World Peace Day is an entirely different ball of wax. A man by the name of Don Morris, who is also known as “The Peaceguy” came up with the idea. His concept of world peace day is very different. He envisioned it as a way by which each of us could make a personal commitment to work for peace.


He wanted people to look into their hearts and to dig deep enough to recall occasions on which they may have dealt with people in a non-peaceful way. Peace is a sign of non-violence. But that’s not all there is. We try to engage with people on a peaceful level.


In each of us, there is probably a dark side. It’s the part of us that we don’t want others to share with anyone. We have all probably judged others, regardless of the circumstances, and whether the basis of our judgment is something the person we are scrutinizing can control.


On World Peace Day, you have a chance to extend an olive branch to make amends with people you may have judged harshly. Make amends with people you hurt through harsh words that were uttered in haste. Use World Peace Day as an opportunity to teach children about reaching out to others.


We believe that plants and flowers speak a universal language. When you give someone a gift of flowers or plants, you can convey your sentiments without having to utter a word.


There is no more perfect plant to give someone as a gift for World Peace Day than Spathiphyllum – or Peace Lily. This lush green plant is easy to grow because it requires almost no care. The rewards are significant when long spikes emerge from the plant’s core. White flowers that look a bit like Anthurium flowers provide more interest.


For someone who doesn’t have a lot of space, our European Garden is an ideal gift. We plant a variety of green plants, including Ivy and a Peace Lily in a natural wicker basket.


Don’t miss an opportunity to show your commitment for World Peace by giving floral and plant gifts. At Rose Hill Flowers, we pride ourselves on being the Experts in the Art of Expression. Let us help you select or customize a gift.