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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on April 16, 2018 Earth Day Flowers Holidays

Gather Together For Earth Day

Ever since 1970, when Americans celebrated Earth Day for the first time, April 22 has continued to be the designated date for Earth Day celebrations. On the most basic level, Earth Day is a day for celebrating clean air, clean land, and clean water. On a broader scale, the Farmer’s Almanac reminds us that Earth Day is all about celebrating Earth’s natural beauty. To the Rose Hill Flowers team, no celebration is worthwhile unless it includes beautiful cut flowers, and blooming and green plants.

Our Spring Renaissance Centerpiece is a gorgeous design that will transform your empty dining table into a warm and inviting gathering place. Expect to see a variety of the freshest, most colorful, and dramatic flowers that give the illusion that there’s a garden patch in full bloom in the middle of your table. There is no limit to the ways you can use this colorful centerpiece in our home or business. If you’re invited to someone’s house for an Earth Day celebration, this luxurious centerpiece is a delightfully thoughtful host or hostess gift.

You don’t have to have a plan in mind when you celebrate Earth Day. Think of it as an opportunity to reflect on and enjoy nature’s beauty at its best in and around the Nashville area. If the Spring Renaissance Centerpiece doesn’t suit your fancy, come in and let our talented and experienced Rose Hill Flowers design team help you choose fresh flowers, or a container garden full of blooming or green plants, or both.