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Free Falling into Autumn… the Best Flowers for Fall Decor

The “language” of flowers is a universal one. It transcends generational and cultural boundaries and is always an enlivening choice for home decor. The Chinese art of feng shui, or arranging a space for the optimal flow of chi, uses flowers to help evoke positive feelings as well. Beauty, vitality, grace and sensuality can all be evoked by flowers, depending upon the type and arrangement chosen.

Positive Energy All Year Round

Potted or cut flowers always bring strong healing forces to the home or office. The decor of an interior space can have many stylistic elements; however, flowers transcend the realm of furniture, photos or accent pieces to bring vibrance to a space that inanimate objects simply cannot match. Flowers symbolize grace, beauty, luck, and bring the energy of celebration, thriving and joy. According to feng shui principles, flowers can help to manifest many blessings in a household or business.

Autumn Blooms

Every season has its colors and textures, and autumn is no exception. The summer warmth is giving way to cooler yet still pleasant conditions; the leaf colors on the trees are beginning to change, students are headed back to school, and football season is underway. Radiant yellows, golds, oranges and reds prevail. How will you bring the energy of flowers to your home or business this fall? Consider these decor ideas:

Daisies and Sunflowers

Bursting with country charm, daisies and sunflowers are alive with fall colors and positive energy. They make an impact like few other flowers and can convey both late summer grace and autumn beauty. Consider a colorful all-Gerbera daisies vase for your living room; light up your kitchen or dining room with an all-sunflower arrangement like Sunny Sunflowers or Sunflower Love. Sunflower bouquets always make great autumn centerpieces.

Autumn Blends

Another option for maximizing home decor feng shui is an autumn arrangement that blends a variety of fall favorites. The Salsa bouquet combines orange, coral and purple blooms of roses, orchids, dahlias and sunflowers with exotic leaves in a clear glass vase. End of the Rainbow brings together the autumn colors of orange and yellow with bolder tones like fuschia to invoke an element of magic and celebration in any room.

People can differ in a variety of ways, but their response to flowers is fairly universal. The Chinese art of feng shui promotes the optimal flow of chi within a space, and flowers are a powerful, potent way to quickly improve the energy of a room. Consider adding these autumn ideas to your home decor this fall and start experiencing more beauty, joy and positive energy.