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Warm and Bright Red Flowers to Chase Away the Cold

A quick and easy way to refresh and revitalize your home with a bit of festiveness for the holidays is to pick up a few bouquets of fresh red flowers! Usually associated with love and romance, red blooms aren’t relegated just to Valentine’s Day! Red flowers are vibrant, uplifting, and cheerful and represent a variety of meanings, such as courage, respect, power, and passion. The floral experts here at Rose Hill Florist, Nashville’s premier florist, love the way red flowers brighten a room, add bold color, and dazzle our senses! Below, we delve into why red flowers are so fantastic and showcase some of our favorite red blooms to have in your home.

Bring in these beautiful red blooms to brighten your home for the holiday season


Full of radiant beauty, the tall trumpet-shaped amaryllis symbolizes strength and determination.


The bright red anemone with a striking white center symbolizes love.


With thick, waxy leaves in a vibrant shade of red, the anthurium belies its exotic and tropical origins. This eye-catching bloom represents happiness and hospitality.


Signifying undying devotion, the charming daisy-like aster is also a popular flower in Greek mythology.


Frilly, dainty, and charming, the bold red of the carnation flower symbolizes admiration.


Chrysanthemums are known as the “Queen of Fall Flowers,” as they are in full bloom during this season and represent joy and beauty.


The beautiful, lush dahlia is a true statement flower, and the red dahlia exemplifies commitment.

Gerbera Daisy

Joyful and bright, it’s no surprise the red gerbera daisy is the 5th most popular bloom in the world and represents fully immersed in love.


The leading symbol of love and romance, the fragrant rose comes in a variety of red hues perfect for brightening even the dreariest of rooms.


These colorful bright red berries add wonderful dots of vibrant red that are charming and exciting and perfect for adding cheer to the winter season.

Why Is Red an Exciting Color Choice for Flowers?

The history of the color red is intriguing. Red is the first color humans see after black and white, and it’s the color babies perceive before any other color. Red is also the first color that was developed for painting and dyeing. In antiquity, red symbolized war, wealth, and power. During medieval times, red had religious and secular meanings symbolizing the blood of Christ and the fires of Hell, as well as love, beauty, and glory.

Here are a few more colorful facts about the color red:

  • Red is seen on 77% of all world flags, making it the most popular flag color.
  • Red is the international color for “Stop.”
  • Red symbolizes good luck in Asia and is the most popular color in China.
  • Red is one of the most visible colors and is used to capture our attention.
  • Red wedding gowns are worn by brides in India and Japan for luck and prosperity.
  • Studies show men are more attracted to women who wear red and spend more money on them.
  • Red paired with green symbolizes Christmas in Western countries.

Red is the color of life and love.  It’s invigorating and exciting, cheerful and bright, warm and positive, which is why we love having red flowers in our homes during the fall and winter seasons.

What is the Red Christmas Flower Called?

Any talk about red flowers in fall and winter must include the most popular winter flower of them all – the poinsettia! A sign of the Christmas season, these beautiful red-leafed plants represent cheer, joy, love, hope, and goodwill. And, with proper care, the poinsettia can re-bloom every year.

If you want a quick and easy way to liven up your home for the holidays,  you can’t go wrong with festive red flowers! Check out our selection of gorgeous red blooms now.