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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on December 29, 2014 Flowers Holidays

Flowers to Help Ring in the New Year

Festive streamers hang from the ceshutterstock_229555180iling, and colorful banners welcome your guests for your New Year’s celebration. Have you chosen the flowers that will decorate your holiday event? Ring in the New Year with beautiful roses, exotic blooms, and cheerful arrangements.

Traditional Flowers for New Year’s Celebrations

Many holidays have traditional flowers, but New Year’s celebrations are often a free-for-all in terms of flowers, colors, and arrangement features. You might still have beautiful Poinsettias sitting at your door, but there’s no reason to replace those traditional holiday plants.

Instead, consider adding to your holiday decorations with a beautiful bowl of red and white roses. The red will match your Poinsettias, and the white roses will symbolize the winter season and New Year’s Day. Consider adding white or silver threaded tablecloths to your dinner table to infuse your party with a frosty spirit of winter.

Creating an Elegant Celebration

New Year’s parties cover the gamut from small, intimate gatherings to rollicking big parties, and flowers are a perfect way to enhance your décor. You’re in luck if you’ve decided to create a formal dinner party and celebration for your guests as there are some spectacular arrangements you can use.

Perhaps you’ve decided to decorate your home like a winter wonderland. White and green hydrangeas with elegant roses are a perfect choice. Lilies are another graceful choice for your stylish party, and these long-lasting blooms will offer their beauty well into January.


White and Green Hydrangea

New Year’s Celebrations Around the World

In America, we celebrate the New Year by toasting with friends, throwing confetti, and counting down the seconds until midnight. You might think about introducing some fun traditions from around the world to your New Year’s celebration this year.

Some Romanian families leave lamps lit all night long in anticipation of rich harvests during the next year. The Japanese hang straw ropes on the ir homes to bring good luck and happiness.

The Chinese buy beautiful plants and flowers to decorate their homes, and those plants symbolize many things like friendship, hope, and good fortune for the new year. For example, peach blossoms symbolize prosperity and long life.

Celebrate the joy, happiness, and hope for the new year with your family and friends, and make sure the merriment is beautiful with dazzling vases of flowers and gorgeous bouquets from Rose Hill Flowers!