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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on December 22, 2017 Flowers winter

Enchanting Winter Arrangements

When we bring flowers into our indoor environments in winter, we’re doing a lot more than just adding some atmosphere. We’re helping to clean the air, lift the spirit and improve clarity and outlook. These impacts have all been proven in study after study, establishing that flowers, while aesthetically pleasing, are also just plain good for us.

Winter’s rich splendor of blooms makes it easy to fill our homes with the many good effects that flowers offer, and Rose Hill Flowers is loving the most wintry of designs in particular.

Along with the winter bloomer flowers, there are plenty of other natural elements available to help create enchanting arrangements. Everything from holly berry to bare branches to pine cones and cinnamon sticks. These items recall a walk in the woods, and when complemented by soft billows of hydrangea or delicate white roses, it’s hard not to think of a first snowfall. Our Let It Snow bouquet is done in this style.

This lush winter arrangement makes use of peony, light green hydrangea and tulips to set a dreamy mood. Full of dimension, this piece has a lot of visual appeal, despite its neutral palette.The color scheme helps keep the eye focused on the interplay between flowers and other elements, focusing us on the texture instead.

At Rose Hill Flowers, we’ll be working up enchanting winter arrangements all season long.