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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on November 16, 2015 | Last Updated: November 17, 2020 Fall Thanksgiving

Embrace the Harvest Theme With Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table Centerpieces

On Thursday, November 26, 2015, Americans will gather with their closest family members, friends, and loved ones to celebrate one of the nation’s most historically important holidays. Our experienced team of floral designers here at Rebel Hill wants to help you use flowers to decorate your Thanksgiving table, making it look every bit as fantastic as the meal your loved ones will eat there.

Many people may think of Thanksgiving as the prelude to Christmas shopping madness or an excuse to sit in front of the television watching football all day. In reality, we celebrate Thanksgiving to commemorate the major feast that the colonial settlers ate as they celebrated the success of their first harvest as newly established Colonists in the area around Plymouth Rock. The previous year, a group of 102 freedom seekers embarked on an arduous 66-day journey from Plymouth, England. (Check out these other interesting facts about Thanksgiving.)

When those early settlers first got to the New World, they dropped anchor at the eastern tip of Cape Cod. They remained there for a month, after which they sailed to Plymouth Rock, where they ultimately settled. The location where they settled was far north of their intended destination. They had no idea how difficult their new life would be or how harsh winter could be.

This arrangement comes in a black cube container, featuring soft tones and a burst of free spirit roses.

Desert Sunset

Most of the settlers stayed on the small ship, and many colonists developed scurvy because of the shortage of food. The spread of contagious diseases killed many over the winter, leaving only half of the original would-be settlers.

By the spring after their arrival, they were finally able to start to build their homes and find a way to provide themselves with food. Thanks to an English speaking Abenaki Indian, the new arrivals were introduced to Squanto, the now-famous Pawtuxet Indian whose kindness helped them learn how to survive in the wilderness.

By November of 1621, William Bradford, the newly appointed governor of the colonists decided that everyone should celebrate and give thanks for the success of their first harvest. They celebrated with the Wampanoag Indians, with whom they had developed a cordial relationship, including their chief. The feast that commemorated the first Colonial harvest is widely regarded as the nation’s first Thanksgiving.

Holiday Thanks Centerpiece

We love the idea of embracing the harvest sentiment of the season in our Thanksgiving table centerpieces. We think that the classic table decor should include colors, flowers, and other accents that embody the season. We designed our “Holiday Thanks” centerpiece to celebrate the season through color, candles, and a miniature decorative pumpkin.

Above all, this is a time to give thanks and appreciate all we have. From our home to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving!