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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on November 11, 2018 | Last Updated: November 17, 2020 Flowers Thanksgiving

Showing Your Gratitude This November

This year at Thanksgiving, we like to stop and think about who and what we’re most thankful for. At Rose Hill Flowers, we are especially thankful for our dedicated staff without whom we could not provide the best quality and service to our customers. From our industrious growers and farmers to our creative designers, from our professional sales team to our dedicated delivery drivers, it takes every individual being their best for us to provide top-notch quality and service. We are incredibly grateful for each one of them.

Protea in Pottery

For the person in your life who means so much to you, send a little Something Different this year. Pincushion protea and plenty of lush greenery are accented with branches in a modern container for a unique and thoughtful presentation. Let them know how special they are to you with a beautiful arrangement like this. Or any selection of gorgeous fall flowers will do.

Stunning arrangement in shades of pink and greens creating both a pastel and bold look at the same time. So lovely!

Berries and Cream

Think about the people in your life that you could not do without. Make sure you let them know this Thanksgiving how grateful you are for their presence in your life. At Rose Hill Flowers, we are particularly grateful for our dedicated customers. Thank you for letting us be part of your life, both at Thanksgiving and throughout the year, during all of life‘s major events.

This arrangement comes in a black cube container, featuring soft tones and a burst of free spirit roses.

Desert Sunset