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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on June 11, 2015 Flowers Summer Sunflowers

Caring for Summer Flowers

summer flowersFlowers help us brighten cold winter days, they let us welcome the spring season, and they all but overwhelm us in the summer with gorgeous roses, sunflowers, and daisies. They’re a lovely addition to your summer parties, and they’re also the best way to bring the summer indoors to your home or office.

The Summer’s Best Blooms

The occasion may dictate the flowers you choose for your summer celebration, and you can stick with traditional summer flowers like roses and carnations, or you can try something surprising and unusual like an arrangement of birds of paradise.

summer flowers

Birds of Paradise

Tropical arrangements are a beautiful and fun symbol for the summer, particularly when you’re not lucky enough to spend your summer on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Other beautiful tropical blooms for your summer include graceful cymbidium orchids or ornamental bromeliad arrangements.

Another signature flower for the summer is the rose, which is popular all year long, but is a particularly elegant addition to any summer gathering. Add a little class to your summer brunch with a vase of light pink roses or bring summer inside your home with a lush arrangement of multi-color roses.

summer flowers

Pink Roses

Enjoying Summer with Sunflowers

One of the true signature flowers of the summer is the iconic sunflower, and it’s hard to find a happier flower for your seasonal arrangements. You have a variety of options for decorating with sunflowers from wild arrangements that look freshly plucked from a garden to flowers that look a little more cultured with little gerbera daisies or roses.

Sunflowers are native to North America, but they’ve been popular around the world for centuries. They were once used for food, medicine, and even dye for clothing by American Indians, but they became quite popular for decorative purposes in the 19th century.

summer flowers

Sunflower Power

The best time to find sunflowers for your flower arrangements is in the middle of the summer and into the early fall. However, your florist should have sunflowers available in all the months surrounding summer, so you can use them to decorate your summer party whether it’s in May all the way through to October.

As you look for the perfect summer flowers with Rose Hill Flowers, remember that you can choose virtually any flower and enhance the beauty and elegance of your home or party. Sunflowers and roses are ideal summertime flowers, but daisies, lilies, orchids, and birds of paradise are beautiful choices, too.