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Posted by apothos on September 12, 2014 | Last Updated: February 16, 2021 Flowers Plants Uncategorized

Bring Life to Every Room with Orchids

Though abundant, the orchid remains a plant which mystifies most with its delicate beauty, yet hardy adaptability. From the orchid’s deep green leaves rises the plant’s spike or inflorescence atop which bloom clusters of alluring flowers in several variances and colors. It is the orchid’s array of varieties which makes it the perfect plant for decorating. Not only is it available in a variety of colors, but also in plants which have differing environmental preferences. So, why not bring life to every room with an orchid?

Foyer: If your home has an entryway, nothing draws the eye and invites visitors into your home as well as an enchanting orchid. If your space allows, procure an orchid in a large bowl for a grandiose centerpiece to your foyer. If living in a chilly climate, select an orchid which holds up well in cool air, as the entryway tends to be a drafty room.

Bedroom: For the bedroom, select a small orchid in a passionate color to place bedside. The plant’s exotic appearance will immediately transform your bedroom into a tropical oasis providing an escape from the not so exotic world outside the bedroom.

Living Room: As the living room typically receives lots of use by all members of the family, select an orchid which will fit in a place out of harm’s reach in a shade which will complement your decor. If a fireplace warms your family’s space, perch your orchid in the opposite corner on a humidity tray (a tray of rocks filled with water) to prevent its roots from completely drying out.

Dining Room: Nothing elevates the atmosphere of a dining room quite like the presence of an orchid. To achieve an understated elegance in what is likely the most formal room in your home, select a variety in a minimalist planter featuring white petals or blooms with muted tones.

Bathroom: Perhaps the most suitable room in the home for an orchid to reside is the bathroom for its higher degree of humidity. Orchid roots have the ability to drink water from the air. So, they feel at home in a humid environment. Almost any orchid bloom will do well in the bathroom, lending the space a spa-like feel of serenity.

Whether you choose to decorate a single room or every room in your home with an orchid from Rose Hill Flowers, be sure to read each plant’s environmental preferences prior to purchase to ensure each of your orchids will thrive in their new environment.