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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on March 8, 2018 Uncategorized

A Bold Statement For International Women’s Day

The United Nations recognizes March 8th as International Women’s Day. It is a global observance that champions empowerment, activism, and celebrates cultural, economic, political, and all other achievements of women. At Rose Hill Flowers, we believe in honoring all of humanity for life-altering accomplishments, so we’re joining the global campaign to recognize women in our community.

We’ve talked about giving the gift of flowers for all sorts of holidays and occasions. Today, we’re talking about honoring women and recognizing their accomplishments, but also showing our gratitude. We’ve chosen to showcase our Iris Beauty arrangement in this blog post. This stately and elegant design features long stems of purple irises set against a backdrop of greens to provide texture and contrast. Irises bloom later in spring, but there is never a wrong time to enjoy them indoors. Their deep bluish purple color with accents of yellow will brighten any space whether it’s placed in a workplace environment or somewhere inside your home. It’s a perfect gift to honor women whose tireless efforts at work, at home, or wherever you go, make these places more efficient and enjoyable for everyone who lives, works in or uses these spaces in any capacity or for any purpose.

We often talk about giving gifts for holidays or treating ourselves to flowers for no particular reason. We don’t usually talk about giving gifts to people – and in this case, to women, to show our solidarity, appreciation, and general support. The creative team at Rose Hill Flowers believes that everyone should be recognized for talent, expertise, hard work, and general helpfulness. On March 8, we stand with the global community in supporting women on International Women’s Day.