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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on March 26, 2018 Easter Holidays Plants

A Basket Of Green Goodness

Spring is finally here, although that may be a subject for debate in many parts of the country. While Mother Nature continues to tease us with tastes of warmer weather, we know that climate is a fickle thing, and you can’t count on anything when it comes to weather – except for the unpredictable. But you can count on Rose Hill Flowers to provide you with a wide range of flowers and flowering plants with which to fill your home or to give as gifts – for Easter, or any other occasion.

For our European Garden With Blooming Plant design, a wicker or grapevine basket serves as the container for two, three, or four green plants, and an added blooming plant with a satin ribbon to give this gift basket a festive look. It’s the ideal gift to give to someone who invites you over for a springtime dinner party. You can also use it to brighten a tired-looking workplace or personal office or to add ambiance to any space in your home.

This year, Easter is on Sunday, April 1. It seems early, but that’s because it occurs so soon after the first day of Spring. If you’re thinking about giving gifts for Easter, consider something other than the traditional candy-filled baskets. Whether you’re looking for a colorful vase full of tulips to infuse your home with spring, or a unique centerpiece that combines flowers and other elements, you can always count on the experienced design team at Rose Hill Flowers to help you choose or customize a gift for yourself or someone else in your life. After all, we are the Experts in the Art of Expression.