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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on July 30, 2018 Back to School

A Top Of The Class Gift

The start of school is just around the corner, and we’ve got one other thing to add to your school supplies list—a teacher gift.

We know, we know. Typically we offer the teachers, administrators and staff in our lives a gift at the end of the year as a way to say “job well done” and to express our gratitude for all of their efforts. And while¬†Rose Hill Flowers¬†isn’t suggesting you forgo that custom, we are suggesting that you add a new one, offering your child’s educators (or yours) a little something at the start of the year as well. Why? It establishes a positive relationship right away. It gives the teacher something to set right on her desk, brightening it up and bringing nature into the classroom. And if you choose wisely, your gift can be something that endures all year.

We love a little desktop garden for a teacher gift, and our pick is Rainforest Garden. This is a plant mix of interesting variety—you’ve got flowering plants, greens and even some fern. Plants help regulate the temperature in a room, clear it of toxins, keep it oxygenated and cut down on pollutants and dust. They are health-givers, and come in particularly handy when all of those little people gather together in one room with all of those germs. Not to mention, this dose of the outdoors can keep students and educators feeling calmer and more rested.

Start things off on the right foot this school year with a charming, thoughtful and health-giving plant gift. The whole class will thank you.