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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on November 5, 2018 | Last Updated: November 16, 2020 Flowers Thanksgiving

A Friendsgiving For Your Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving if you truly want to surround yourself with some of your favorite people, consider hosting a Friendsgiving event. Invite friends, neighbors, coworkers, and other loved ones who are the family you create to join you for a wonderful feast and time of gratitude. Set a beautiful table, invite friends to bring a potluck dish, or even have the event catered. Design a large enough table for everyone you want to include. You may even need to create space in your living room or backyard.

The floral designers at Rose Hill Flowers have some excellent centerpieces and seasonal flowers for decorating your Thanksgiving table.

A gorgeous, rustic Cornucopia Centerpiece is a great addition to a relaxed Friendsgiving event and makes a fantastic centerpiece as well as an interesting talking point (See our post on Reasons to Use the Cornucopia on your Thanksgiving Table). Beautiful lilies, birds of paradise, succulents, and mini pumpkins are accented with fresh fall foliage in rich designs. Remind guests of everything their thankful for with this abundance of fall flowers, textures, and colors.

This arrangement comes in a black cube container, featuring soft tones and a burst of free spirit roses.

Desert Sunset

Enjoy this Thanksgiving with the people you are most thankful for and show your gratitude this November. Surround yourself with friends that you’ve chosen to have in your life. Create a beautiful atmosphere for a lovely day. Talk to the design professionals at Rose Hill Flowers about other great ideas for including all of your favorite people at your Thanksgiving table this year.