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Sending Love to His Doorstep: Valentine’s Day Plants and Blooms He’ll Adore

Flowers and plants have a universal charm that transcends gender, making them perfect gifts for men on Valentine’s Day. Men sincerely appreciate these botanical beauties and feel genuinely recognized and valued when receiving them. Additionally, flowers can help them hone their communication skills, creating a profound connection between you and your partner. At Rose Hill Florist in Nashville, Tennessee, we can help you choose the perfect botanical gift — a hassle-free succulent, a green houseplant, or a bright bouquet of blooms — that will convey your love and appreciation. 

Green Houseplants

Green plants are a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift for men, offering benefits beyond aesthetics. Giving care to a plant lets a man demonstrate his nurturing abilities by providing light, nourishment, and water. As it grows and thrives, it becomes a lasting reminder of your relationship and his commitment to its well-being. Plants also have a wide variety of health benefits, including reduced anxiety, increased positive energy, and cleaner indoor air, making them an attractive choice for any space.


A key element in nurturing a healthy and loving relationship is resilience, the attribute that empowers both individuals to remain steadfast in the face of difficulty. Pay tribute to his tenacity with a Valentine’s Day succulent, a plant renowned for flourishing in challenging climates and conditions. Succulents, conveniently, require minimal care, reducing the effort needed to tend to your heartfelt present. By placing it on his office desk, he can have a perpetual reminder of your affection as he admires its strong green presence, representing the unwavering fortitude of your love.

Flowering Plants

One remarkable aspect of flowering plants is their long lifespan, which extends the enjoyment of the gift long after the occasion has passed. Notably, orchids can rebloom if you tend to them accordingly — which is easy — symbolizing that enduring love can flourish repeatedly. Orchids also contribute to the peace of his surroundings, creating a serene oasis from the demands of work and daily life. This gesture reveals your heartfelt care for his health and happiness.

Bright Blooms

While a fresh flower bouquet might come as a surprise for some men, its wide range of blooms, meanings, and colors provides a canvas ripe for customization. Highlight a flower with sentimental value for him in the arrangement, or choose blooms in a shade that suits his aesthetics. According to research, 60% of men appreciate flowers, making Valentine’s Day the ideal moment to fulfill that desire. Few other gestures convey your deep love and sincere affection as effectively.

Red Roses

Among flowers, red roses hold a classic and universally beloved status, representing lasting romantic love. Their silky petals and sweet smell make recipients of these blooms feel profoundly appreciated and cherished. The great news is that men like getting red roses as anyone else would, recognizing their genuine beauty and deep symbolism. Red roses transcend any gender boundaries, showcasing your intention to make Valentine’s Day a celebration of your relationship for the record books.

Presenting flowers, succulents, or plants to the man you love on Valentine’s Day is a meaningful gesture that brings the wonders of nature into his life. These botanical gifts offer aesthetic charm and the advantages of reduced stress and improved mental well-being. Don’t hesitate to consult your friendly floral team at Rose Hill Florist for guidance in choosing the perfect present.

60% of men would love to receive blooms