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Adorable Decor & Flower Ideas for Storybook Baby Showers

Hosting a baby shower for an expected little one should be fun, whimsical, warm, and nostalgic. There’s no better way to accomplish this than by having a baby shower based on a beloved children’s book. The mom-to-be will appreciate reading the books she loved as a child to her new bundle of joy, and the guests will enjoy the feel-good memories of their favorite stories, too. Plus, throwing a storybook-themed baby shower is easy! The experts at Rose Hill Florist have a ton of creative ideas for decor, treats, and color theme inspiration. Most of all, we know which fresh blooms will go best with each theme, and since flowers are an essential part of all baby showers, this is one item you can check off your list. Keep reading for delightful and unique baby shower themes and decor ideas any mom-to-be would love!

Flowers & Decor to Match Your Favorite Baby Books

Where the Wild Things Are

Replicate the magical world of Where the Wild Things Are with plenty of greenery and bold blooms in bright colors. As the story states, there is a “forest that grew and grew,” so decorate the venue with plants, place leaves on the table, or hang vines on the walls. Small containers of succulents on the table that guests can take with them as a party favor are also a nice touch. Create cupcakes with claws or a king’s crown to match imagery from the book. With this “wild” theme, the more plants and greenery, the better.

The Rainbow Fish

Recreating the colors in this book will make for a jewel-like, magical baby shower. Decor in gorgeous deep blues, greens, dark pinks, and purples will bring this book to life, especially with beautiful flower arrangements filled with richly colored blooms like dark pink roses, purple dahlias, blue larkspur, and green hydrangea. Create a cake with the rainbow fish on it or have cupcakes in different colors make up the fish’s body. Most of all, include silver elements via glitter, sprinkles, silver vases for the flowers, or silver balloons to immerse guests into the magical world of the rainbow fish.

Goodnight Moon

A well-known favorite, a baby shower decorated in the theme of Goodnight Moon is sure to warm everyone’s heart and put a smile on their face. The decor will consist of colors that match the primary red and yellow colors as well as green and dark blue. The perfect floral arrangement will have blooms in similar bright colors, such as yellow tulips, red carnations, green bells of Ireland, and blue stock. Additional design elements to complete the look would be a moon, stars, a bunny, and a single red balloon.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The colors in the caterpillar from The Very Hungry Caterpillar perfectly match the leaves and flower petals you’d see in a florist shop or garden. Capture the design aesthetic of this book with floral arrangements that have bold, dark red, or burgundy blooms paired with bright yellow flowers and surrounded by lush greenery. Red carnations or Peruvian lilies combined with yellow mums would be perfect for this theme. Plus, since the caterpillar is very hungry, you can have fun with the food selections and put out items the caterpillar devours in the story, such as apples, strawberries, oranges, watermelon, chocolate cake, lollipops, and cupcakes.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Flowers and decor modeled after the children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie should have soft, simple colors, like red, green, blue, orange, and yellow. A good choice of flowers would be blue hydrangea, green mums, pastel peach roses, and lush greenery. Of course, you must include milk and cookies, but there are also other details your can incorporate, such as yellow straws for the milk, a little bed with pillows and blankets, and a hand-drawn picture of the mouse’s family. And don’t forget the mouse – have a picture of him on the wall or hide small stuffed mouse animals about the room.

Books evoke special memories and fond feelings and are a perfect theme for baby showers. And the decor can be simple and enchanting as long as you have fresh, beautiful flowers and a few baked treats, you’re good to go. For baby shower flowers or blooms for any occasion, check out our quality online collection at Rose Hill Florist.