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Transform Your Home into a Green Paradise

Most people associate a relaxing vacation with the laid-back, carefree vibe of the tropics, which is why decorating your home with tropical plants can help you recreate that soothing vibe and add a little bit a paradise to your living quarters. If you can’t get away to the tropics, or anywhere else, anytime soon, then start creating your in-home tropical oasis now – no tickets required.

Indoor Oasis

Plant Inspiration for an Amazing Indoor Tropical Paradise


The gorgeous long-blooming orchid comes in a variety of colors and shapes and is a relatively easy to care for plant. For an exotic look with vibrant colors, having a few orchids around is a must.

Janet Craig

The Dracaena Janet Craig plant is a majestic lush green plant that thrives indoors in low light conditions. Its spectacular abundant leaves springing from the top of each stem makes it a real attention grabber.

Bird of Paradise

Considered tropical royalty, the Bird of Paradise is a large, luxurious green plant with big, glossy leaves. With proper care, they can grow indoors up to six feet. Their wide, arching leaves and tall stems make a bold, yet elegant statement in your home.

Pineapple Plant

A tropical plant growing in popularity, the Pineapple Plant is a member of the Bromeiliad family which means it’s great at purifying the air and removing harmful toxins. Its long, dramatic leaves and round full shape is a wonderful exotic addition to any room.

Frizzle Sizzle

For something exotic with a touch of whimsy, pick up a Frizzle Sizzle plant. The albuca spiralis plant is native to South Africa and its succulent that produces long and narrow spiral-tipped leaves. The Frizzle Sizzle does best in full sun and when it blooms, the blossoms have a slightly sweet, pleasant fragrance.

Large Indoor Plants Promote a Tropical Feel

No matter your style preference or color scheme, large indoor plants make excellent living decor for any home. Filling corners and empty spaces with abundant greenery is not only healthy but soothing and beautiful too. Make a statement and go big with Ficus Trees, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Schefflera, Bamboo Palm, or Corn Plant. Lots of greenery will freshen your air and your spirit just as if you were in the tropics.

If your floor space is already limited, think high – and add some greenery at eye level with hanging planters. In fact, small containers of green plants can be placed on shelves, staircases, window sills, counters, or their own special tables. Surrounding yourself with living green plants and flowers is a great way to unwind, destress, and feel like you’re living in a tropical paradise.

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