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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on January 30, 2017 | Last Updated: February 4, 2017 Floral Design Flowers

Random Acts to Inspire Kindness

random acts

In the late 1990’s, a movement of kindness was birthed. Although there is some discrepancy as to where the inspiration for Random Acts of Kindness Day came from – some say a group in Denver, others a young man in New Zealand – the end result is a cultural phenomenon. February 17th is officially set aside as the day to celebrate the many ways we can make the world a little better and a little kinder, millions of people have adopted the concept as a way of life year round. Just imagine if everyone decided to participate in this day of compassion and generosity, what an impact could be made! Rose Hill Flowers has the opportunity to take part in acts of kindness every day – and we would love to help you to make this year’s celebration meaningful and fun!

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.” Roy T, Bennettrandom actsPeople’s efforts on Random Acts of Kindness Day seem to fall into two categories – those gestures that are planned but will completely unexpected, such as giving cookies to the person who cleans your office building; and those actions that are truly spontaneous, such as buying lunch for the person behind you in line. How do you plan on spreading the happiness?

* Buy some $5 gift cards at a popular drive-through restaurant, then walk along the line at lunchtime and hand them out to people waiting.

* Buy a bouquet of daisies, and hand them out one by one to people you meet throughout your day.

* Offer to babysit your stay-at-home neighbor’s children so she can go for a walk or visit a friend.

* Cook dinner for a shut-in friend, and then stay and eat with them.

* Buy a bouquet of flowers and give to someone who would least expect it, but who makes you smile everyday – like a coffee barista, bank teller, or the school crossing guard.

* Leave post-it notes at people’s workspaces, telling them what a great job they do.

There is truly no limit to the ways you can spread kindness and joy. Use your imagination, and if you need some beautiful flowers to carry out your plan, stop by Rose Hill Flowers – we’d love to get in on the fun! On February 17th, let’s all do ou part to shower Nashville with kindness.